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Giving sense to information

  • Analyze information from disparate sources
    Effectively standardize and merge your data

  • Harmonize and classify your data faster
    Build and update your consolidated reports online

  • Monitor the quality of data feeding your information system
    Manage the master data of your company

  • Quickly put in place a solution for processing and analysis of heterogeneous data
    Deliver an additional service to your customer

  • deduplication tool Secure

    256-bit encryption

  • deduplication tool Easy

    No need to be a data expert

  • deduplication tool Fast

    The service is available immediately
    Process your data efficiently

  • deduplication tool Supported


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Improve your data quality online


In order to process and analyze data from multiple sources,a prerequisite is to standardize and bind them to the reference data (or Master Data) of your company: customer or supplier data, product catalogs, financial data, etc.

In this context, Datadecision is a innovative Business Intelligence service specialized in processing data from heterogeneous systems.

As the first step, Datadecision controls the quality of data collected in terms of format making it possible to correct the detected problems.

It then allows you to check the validity of information collected compared with the reference data of your business. Datadecision assists in the resolution of each anomaly detected. Its smart data matching engine allows you, in particular, to automate the integration of new data sets and manage the updates of your reference data.

Once your raw data are cleaned and standardized, two options are available to you: either use the online analysis and reporting tools included in Datadecision or download your data to directly exploit them on your own information system.

Nothing to develop, Datadecision is provided directly online and accompanies you from collection to analysis of your heterogeneous data.